Menu Costing System

Customer Profile

Sector: Food
Industry: Foodservice Distributor
Revenue: Over $15 billion

The Wholesale Food Distributor (WFD) has over 250,000 customers. They market and deliver to more than 43,000 national, private label and signature brand items and employ more than 29,500 food service professionals.

Business Situation

The WFD provided for restaurant managers an Excel based tool to help them control food costs. The Excel tool calculated food costs and profits along with generating reports. Managing the Excel spreadsheets became time consuming and cumbersome. The distributor wanted to rebuild the Excel spreadsheets into a database application that was intuitive and robust. The new database would have the following requirements:

  • Recipe and Menu Costing System Requirements
  • Easily track recipe costing and menu item costing
  • Profit analysis for each recipe and menu item
  • Easily manage preparation, assembly, and safety instructions
  • Several other time saving reports


The customized system provides the organization with the following functionality:

Recipe Costing

  • Handles thousands of ingredients with price, pack size and unit size
  • Import or hand enters recipes. Copy and rename recipes.
  • Supports US standard and metric units of measurement
  • A recipe may contain ingredients and other recipes
  • Calculates the cost of each recipe and its serving size costs
  • Easily add and view safety instructions for each recipe
  • Easily add and view preparation instructions for each recipe
  • Handles thousands of recipes

Menu Costing

  • Capable of managing thousands of menu items
  • Import or hand enters menu items. Copy and rename menu items.
  • Easily build menu items using ingredients and recipes
  • Automatically calculates profitability of menu items
  • Color coding signifies which menu items margins are low and which ones are high
  • Easily add kitchen assemble instructions, serving instructions, and server promotion notes for each menu item
  • Easily find and replace a recipe or ingredient across all menu items and recipes

Reporting and Sales Analysis

  • Import sales data from a POS system or hand enter sales
  • Generate graphs and reports with visuals on revenue and profits for each menu item
  • Make better decisions while engineering a menu using reporting that graphs menu items into 4 categories: highest sales quantity and highest profit, lowest sale quantity and highest profit, highest sales quantity and lowest profit, lowest sales quantity and lowest profit
  • Powerful search tool to help locate and report on ingredients, recipes, and menu items
  • Assign security roles to users to give them access to only information they need

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