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Access Table Relationship Tips

Use the auto number field from the master table to create subordinate table relationships. A subordinate table is a detail table. This approach requires a corresponding long integer field in the subordinate table. Be aware that your Access subversion must be up to date in order to get good results.

Use the relationships choice from tools when relating the master table to a subordinate table.

Use enforces referential integrity option when it is offered during relationship definition.

Use the 'Cascade Delete Related Records' attribute in the relationship setup screen, if at all possible. This approach can only be used on required fields; that is if the field in the main table record cannot be left blank when first created. When using look-up fields which are not updated as part of initial record creation, this attribute will not be appropriate.

Never use the ‘Cascade Update Related Fields’ attribute when defining table relationships. There is always a better way to handle the issue of related updates.

If you haven't time to implement these tips or if the development resources available to you are unable to make progress, please contact us.

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