Microsoft offers various security measures to protect data from unauthorized users. Access 2016 provides the following ways to secure the application while allowing users to remain productive:

  • Encryption
  • Database server
  • SharePoint site
  • Access apps

Microsoft recommends to use one or more of the following features to secure your database


To prevent unauthorized users from accessing data in your application you can use database encryption. It will encrypt your data and make it unreadable by disk editors or other utility programs. The user can access the database only if he enters the password. The encryption tool is available only in databases that use one of the new file formats.

Path: File > Encrypt with Password



Database server

Secure your data from unauthorized users by storing your data on a database server such as Microsoft SQL Server which manages user security. Now use Access to build forms, reports and queries by linking to the data on the server. This technique can be used on any databases saved in Access file format.

SharePoint site

Work offline and secured by using SharePoint. Depending on which SharePoint is used there are variety of implementation options. Some SharePoint integration features are available only in databases that use one of the new file formats.

Access apps

Access allows to build online apps that run in web browsers. This allows to use server-based security.

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