Sales Contract Database System

Customer Profile

Sector: Real Estate
Industry: Development

This real estate developer focuses on the development of residential and commercial property in Ireland, continental Europe, and the United States. The company prides itself on innovation whether it’s in renovating a building or constructing a new structure.

Business Situation

The company had a Microsoft CRM system that helped to run their business. However, the Microsoft CRM system did not give their Legal Department the ability to manage the details of their sales contracts. The company decided against customizing the CRM system for Legal’s needs because of the high costs involved. The Legal Department was forced to search for an alternative method to manage the details of their sales contracts. Because of the volume of work that is processed through the Legal Department, an electronic solution was essential.


Sales Contract System

The company selected Access Programmers who recommended Microsoft Access for their software solution. The CRM system creates a file every few hours that contains information for all sales contracts. The file is imported into the Access system throughout the day to make sure the high level information from the CRM system is current for each sales contract. The Legal Department uses the solution to enter and manage the fine details of each sales contract.

The Access system provides high and low level reporting. The high level reporting provides summarized information on traffic of prospective buyers, building sales activity, and upcoming closings. The low level reporting gives detailed information on which sales contracts have open items that will need to be reconciled before closing. The reporting capabilities of the system assist the Legal Department in providing proactive and responsive service to clients.

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