Postal Accounting System

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Sector: Direct Mail
Industry: Direct Marketing and Mail
Revenue: $18 million

This direct mail advertising services firm is a provider of mass marketing and mailing services. They have an average daily production of 6.4 million pieces of personalized mail with the capacity to dedicate up to 2 million mail pieces daily to a single client.
Business Situation

Business Situation

The firm sends out all of their direct mailings via the United States Postal Service (USPS). For each mailing job sent out, the USPS requires a form which itemizes the counts of the pieces, weight of the mailing, and the calculated cost of the mailing. There are dozens of types of mailings with each one having a different form required. The USPS was implementing a rate change for the existing shipping methods and also introducing new methods. The company’s Postal Accounting System is responsible for automating the creation and printing of the required USPS forms. The company needed an IT team to analyze their system and update all elements that would be affected by the rate change. The situation was urgent. The solution needed to be completed within one month.


Postal Accounting System

The Access Programmers team was selected as the solution provider. Every screen, report, data table, and line of programming code was analyzed, updated, and tested for compliance with the USPS. It was critical that the solution be accurate and tested extensively with a large volume of data. The staff at Access Programmers executed and delivered the solution on time and within budget which enabled the company to continue to perform daily operations in an efficient and automated manner.

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