Import objects in Access

To use the Forms, Tables, Queries and Modules between two Access applications, use ‘Import objects’. This import option is most commonly used when changing the version of Access. If we have a form in version 2000 and we need to create the same form in version 2016 then we can import the form from 2000 to 2016 using this process.

The following steps are used to import any object from one version to another. Here, a form is imported.

importing objects

Consider the form “frmGreetingCard” in an application that is imported to the new version.

form display pane

Step: 1

Open an Access Application and click Access from the Import & Link group of External Data Tab in the Microsoft Access Ribbon.

greetcard selection

Step: 2

A ‘Get External Data – Access Database’ dialog box will pop up. Click Browse to select the file name.

Select the file in the dialog box and click Open.

Press OK.

getting external data

Press OK.

imported data from filepath

Step: 3

In ‘Import Objects,’ all the table, queries, forms, reports, etc. of an imported application will be displayed.

imported objects

Step: 4

Select “frmGreetingCard” from the Forms tab and click OK.

object selection

Select Close in ‘Get External Data – Access Database.’

saving steps of import

Now the form is imported successfully to the other version.

obtained result after import

You can also use this function to import Queries, Tables, Reports and Modules.

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