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How to migrate Data from Access to SQL server using upsize wizard in Microsoft Access

Upsize Wizard is a database tool used to migrate your Access database over to SQL Server.

You will not be able to use the existing front-end once you migrate to SQL Server.

To migrate your Access database to SQL Server using Upsize Wizard:

  1. Open your Access database.
  2. In the ribbon, go toDatabase Toolsand locate the “Move Data” tab section.
  3. Click the “SQL Server” option (in the “Move Data” section).
  4. Now you can view “Upsize Wizard”.
  5. There are two options:
    1. Select “New Database” if you are going to create a new database in SQL Server and transfer the data.
    2. Select “Existing Database” if you are going to move the data to an existing database.
  6. Provide the connection details for your SQL Server installation - server name, administrator credentials, and (for an existing database) necessary permissions.
  7. Use the arrow to move the tables you wish to transfer to SQL Server and click “Next.”
  8. Confirm or change the default attributes. You can retain the settings for table indexes, relationships and validation rules. Then, click “Next”.
  9. Decide between one of the three options below for migration.
    1. Migrate only the data and data definitions to SQL Server.
    2. Move all database objects to Access Project and use SQL Server with it as a client/server application.
    3. Create a new Access database to act as a front-end and use your new SQL Server database as a back-end. There will only be minor changes to your existing code.

Click “Finish” and wait for the process to complete. Check the upsize report for any necessary information related to the database migration.

Note: Upsize Wizard has been discontinued since the release of Microsoft Access 2010. Use SSMA to migrate your Access database to SQL Server

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