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Sector: Construction
Industry: Building Materials

The company specializes in custom stone work for both residential and commercial construction. They offer over 100 natural stone products and their work is hand crafted or machine cut by talented stone cutting experts.

Business Situation

The company was using a DOS-based FoxPro database for creating estimates and invoices. They needed to replace their outdated computer equipment by purchasing new computers with the Windows XP operating system. The FoxPro database was critical to their operations; however it would not work on the new Windows XP platform. The system needed to be re-written on a contemporary database platform.


Estimate and Invoicing System

The system developed by Access Programmers was specifically designed to work very similar to the FoxPro system. The new system was readily accepted by the company’s employees since the two systems were very similar. Employees were able to use the new system immediately with minimal re-training.

The company required the database be robust and able to handle a large amount of transactions. A Microsoft Access Data Project was selected as the front end platform that would connect to the robust SQL Server 2005 database platform. The system provides the power and scalability of SQL Server with the cost effectiveness of developing on the Microsoft Access platform.

The system was designed to handle invoice payments so customer receivables can be easily tracked and managed along with their invoices. The system also features robust reporting functionality that provides the company the information they need in order to manage their accounting books.

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