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Designing a Macro

Under “ Microsoft Access Create”, click the Macro button.

create tab_macro

The following Macro window screen should appear.

macro result

In the Action column, click the arrow to display the list of available actions and select the action you want to use. There are several dozen actions to choose from. Depending on the action selected, you may have to specify Action Arguments. For example, if you select the OpenForm Action, the following Action Arguments appear for input.

macro creation1

macro creation 2

If you want to add more actions to the macro, move to another action row and select a new action. Note that Microsoft Access carries out the actions in the order you list them.

To save the macro, click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the screen and enter a name for your macro. Make sure you name this macro "AutoExec". By naming it AutoExec, Access will run this macro every time the database is opened.

save as

Note: If you want to insert an action between two existing action rows, add the new action at the end and Right click on the Action and select ‘Move Up’.

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