Default View

If you click on the Default View field, a drop down arrow will appear to the right of the field. If you click on the arrow, three values will appear for your selection. You can select from Single Form, Continuous Forms, Datasheet or Split Form.

property sheet

Single Form

The Single Form option allows a user to view only one record at a time. The form below displays one record from the Suppliers Table. At the bottom of the form, you will see what is called a navigation bar or record selectors. These arrows allow you to navigate from one record to another. This navigation bar also alerts you that there are 10 records that you can navigate to in this form.

supplier details

Continuous Forms

The Continuous Forms option allows you to view multiple records in the form at one time. The scroll bar on the right allows you to scroll up and down through the records. At the bottom of the form in the navigation bar, you are still provided the record selectors to navigate through the records. In this example, there are 45 records that are available for viewing using this form.



The Datasheet option is unique since the data appears as if you are looking at the actual table. With this option, you can resize the columns or reorder the columns by highlighting and dragging the column to another location.


As you can see, you are still provided the scroll bar on the right to navigate, as well as the navigation bar and record selectors at the bottom of the form.

Split Form

The Split Form is a new feature from Access 2007. It gives two views of the data in the same form. Split Form contains the Datasheet View and Single Form. Users can view and edit the data from both views.

split form

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