File Extensions

Microsoft Access saves information under the following file formats:

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Sending an email out from Access

This blog will show you how to send an email using 3 different methods. In my example, I will send out an existing report as an attachment to an email.

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Microsoft Access Database Repair

Access Programmers can provide support when your Access Database is broken, corrupt, or inoperable. Our Microsoft Access developers will find the problem and get your database - and your business - up and running again in a very short period of time.

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Access Programmers Can Help You With Some of These Common Situations

Have you come across the following unexpected situations?

  • Creating new databases
  • Modifying existing applications in the absence of your developer
  • Your working application stopped suddenly and you cannot identify a reason

We can help.

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Microsoft Access Database Conversions

We provide solutions for Access databases that have become unstable and slow from large amounts of data. Our experts will migrate your data to a SQL Server backend database, keeping the existing screens, and use SQL Server’s robust scalable backend solution for storage and reporting.

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