Tips While Designing a Form

While designing a form in Microsoft Access may seem easy, there are several factors that must be considered. Form design is a critical component of user interface design since it is the way people interact with the computer. User interface design is a science that encompasses design ergonomic factors, ease of use and understandability all into one package.

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Creating a New Form in Design View

In the Database window, select Forms from the options located on the left toolbar. Next, click on the New button which is located at the top of the screen.

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File Extensions

Microsoft Access saves information under the following file formats:

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Sending an email out from Access

This blog will show you how to send an email using 3 different methods. In my example, I will send out an existing report as an attachment to an email.

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Update or Enhance Your Access Database Application

In every business situation, business processes will change from time to time. You should not be held captive by your software. Our experts will take your existing database and make necessary changes, quickly and cost effectively, to meet your current business needs.

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