How to Migrate Data from Access to SQL Server using SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant

SSMA is used to migrate Access databases to SQL Server. This tool converts the Access database to a SQL Server or a SQL Azure database.

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How to migrate Data from Access to SQL server using upsize wizard in Microsoft Access

Upsize Wizard is a database tool used to migrate your Access database over to SQL Server.

You will not be able to use the existing front-end once you migrate to SQL Server.

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7 benefits of on-shore development

When you are looking to design a new product or application outside of your area of expertise, it's a good idea to go with an on-shore development team. While off-shore companies can provide cost-saving benefits, the disadvantages can negate these returns. On-shore development teams can help create a product that will provide a return on your investment, and there is security in partnering with a company that will stand behind their work every step of the way.

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Microsoft Access Database Conversions

We provide solutions for Access databases that have become unstable and slow from large amounts of data. Our experts will migrate your data to a SQL Server backend database, keeping the existing screens, and use SQL Server’s robust scalable backend solution for storage and reporting.

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Third Normal Form (3NF)

There are two basic requirements for a database to be in Third Normal Form:

The requirements of both 1NF and 2NF have been met
Remove columns that are not fully dependent upon the primary key.

Let’s assume that we have a table of orders that contains the following attributes:

  • Order Number
  • Customer Number
  • Unit Price
  • Quantity
  • Total

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