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Adding a Page Number

You may want to include page numbers at the bottom of your report for reference.

Under the Insert menu, select the Page Numbers option.


When the ‘Page Numbers’ window appears, select how you would like the page numbering to appear. In the example below, "Page N of M" was chosen as the format.

You can also select whether you want the page numbers to appear at the top of the page in the Header Section or at the bottom of the page in the Footer Section. In the example below, page numbers was chosen to appear at the bottom of the page in the Footer Section.

Another selection is the alignment of the page number. Selection options are Left, Center, Right, Inside or Outside. In the example below, Right alignment was chosen.


The last selection is whether you want to show numbers on the first page or not. In the example below, Show Number on First Page was chosen.

When you view your report in Design Mode, you can see that Access has inserted the Page Numbers in the Page Footer Section.


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