7 benefits of on-shore development

When you are looking to design a new product or application outside of your area of expertise, it's a good idea to go with an on-shore development team. While off-shore companies can provide cost-saving benefits, the disadvantages can negate these returns. On-shore development teams can help create a product that will provide a return on your investment, and there is security in partnering with a company that will stand behind their work every step of the way.

Here are 7 benefits of on-shore development:

  1. Similar work environment - An on-shore company would have a similar work environment and culture to that of your company. This aligns expectations, leading to a more intuitive design and process.
  2. Design culture - The approach to on-shore development usually involves collaboration and feedback for a better outcome. However, some off-shore companies will only develop what is asked - resulting to a final product that isn't what the customer expected.
  3. No language barrier - Throughout product development, communication between both companies is crucial. You want the development team to have a good understanding of your needs and business processes to create the best outcome; a language barrier would make this more challenging.
  4. Highly skilled team - On-shore teams can provide practical experience in your specific industry, and the availability of this expertise is abundant. These companies will understand both the technology and the specific solutions to your needs.
  5. Stable financial & legal environment - Working with an on-shore team ensures your intellectual property is protected by U.S laws and regulations. Likewise, the company is held to the same financial standards and uses the same currency.
  6. Proximity – An on-shore company will be in a nearby time zone - allowing for real-time, streamlined communication. It would also be easier for either party to travel for a face-to-face meeting.
  7. Total cost - The monetary cost of an on-shore company will likely be greater than an off-shore team. However, there are hidden costs in the additional challenges – such as time or a final product that does not meet expectations.

Ultimately, the company you choose for your development project should be invested in your success and represent your interests. Partner with a company interested in a long-term relationship to assist with and address your future.

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